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New Digital Art Renaissance

From my perspective as an artist, I believe that social media has the ability to expand how we share our craft. We are witnessing a revolution in curation, exhibition and networking. For artists who want to gain visibility or grow an authentic following on social media, well-curated and organized content is a must.

Here are Three Tips for you to Elevate your Social Media Game:

1. You are the Brand

People want to feel inspired and connect not only to the artwork, but also with the artist. Highlighting your artistic identity is crucial to building a powerful digital footprint. Consider the following: Why is this craft relevant to who I am? Who do I want to engage? What makes me unique? Who do I want to build a connection with vs who feels connected to my art?

Source: Stefano Principato (Flickr, 2010)

2. Audience

Focusing on developing a stronger connection to the audience is how your audience can stay engaged. Along with allowing the audience to learn more about you as a person, one of the most authentic ways to connect to your audience is to share insight on your craft. Have some posts that show your audience in-depth glimpses of your artwork and the creative process of your craft.

3. Plan your Content

Post carefully curated, high quality content two to three times a week that highlights your personal brand. Ensure your caption is short but catchy. Remember that most people access their social media on a mobile device like a cellphone. This means that they’ll be scrolling pretty quickly, so place a greater emphasis on the first sentence of your caption. 

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