Queen is a Black Bajan of Nigerian Ancestry, Queer, Femme presenting, Mother, Author, Educator, Scholar, Activist, and International Artist as well as the Executive Director of Operations & Finance with Black Speculative Arts Movement Canada. As a creative, Queen Kukoyi explores spoken word poetry, digital collage, and animations along with installation work that explores concepts around the Afrofuturistic meditative space. Queen uses the lens of Afrofuturism 2.0 in her visual arts, mindfulness, and storytelling to facilitate discourse that decolonizes the Black identity and affirms all intersections of Blackness.

Afro-futurism 2.0 is an exploration and reclaiming of various black identities through multiple dimensions. It is a meta-analysis convergence of music, art, and sciences as performed and lived through intersectional blackness. Her work allows her to speak about all intersections and amplify the voices of those who share similar experiences.